About us

In the region of Raches, in the hamlet of Bardato, only five minutes from the picturesque tourist hotspot of Christos, there seems to be a totally different meaning to the concept of time, as yesterday and today come together in a place of natural beauty. The Spanos Estate (Ktíma Spanoú in Greek) is laid out on fifty-six thousand square metres (about fourteen acres) of breathtaking land, in a forest with many tree varieties including centenarian oaks (argios) and plane trees. The peace and quiet of this versatile mountain setting not only provides a unique and relaxing holiday experience with modern amenities, but it also constitutes the perfect background for the organisation of the event of your dreams.

The initial idea for the Spanos Estate came from the dearly departed Konstantinos Spanos who had a vision to build a place where his entire family and his beloved friends could experience his native Ikaria in a beautiful and unmarred setting, far away from the bustle of city and stressful life. Today, his children Constantina, Gerasimos and George offer you just exactly that, so you in turn will be able to gather some beloved moments and unforgettable memories.

Our verdant estate of fifty-six thousand square meters (about fourteen acres) does not only offer a myriad of possibilities to enjoy our hospitality, but it is also the perfect setting for an event that will be engraved into your memory forever. You can stay at one of our fifteen well-crafted stone-house rooms or you might even rent an entire stone house. On our premises, you can find a little church with an impressive mosaic, a swimming pool, a cosy kitchen and barbecue space, a central seating lounge, a mess room, a community room with a stone fireplace and an outdoor venue with verdant arches that can host up to 1,000 people.

At our vineyard, you can taste local varieties of Ikarian wine and try out some unique local dishes made with locally-grown organic ingredients. On top of that, during the wine harvesting season, you can also experience a traditional wine harvest.

Since you are on holiday, why not check out some local culture like our traditional music, the ecstatic Ikarian dance (Ikariotiko) and Ikarian cuisine, famous for the slowness with which its dishes are both prepared and consumed, and of course its high-quality organic ingredients. All of these make up the foundation of the world-famous phenomenon called Ikarian longevity. On our premises, you can sit in the life-giving light of the Sun, relax in the shade of our majestic trees, find your favourite corner with tables and parasols, or in other words: feel at home. By the way, our premises are pet friendly.

The Spanos Estate is the perfect location for seminars and retreats, summer camps and wellness seminars. Dive into the world of creative cooking along with famous Ikarian chef Diane Kochilas, feel the ecstasy and the magic of a traditional Ikarian feast.