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Wedding / Baptism Planning

Let’s celebrate!

We will make sure your special day, your wedding or baptism will stay engraved in your memory forever. Create a fascinating experience for yourselves and your invitees, build some of the best memories of your life. The estate of fifty-six thousand square metres (or about fourteen acres) can host up to about 600 people. You will have at your disposal a stone barbecue, a private swimming pool, a church with a very special mosaic and a unique venue with verdant arches. All of this on our enchanting, lush and quiet forest land. Along with our partners, we offer catering services, event photography/videography, live music and DJs, which will make your special day even more special.

Wedding planning in Ikaria

Organize your event

Now what could be more captivating than organising your conference, seminar or any other event at a comfortable location of rare natural beauty, on the island of longevity? Along with our partners, we offer the latest in sound and imaging technology, video coverage, live feeds, catering for up to one thousand participants and live or background music, all of which make the organisation of your event so much easier.

Every day, the breakfast space at the Kafarté community room turns into a restaurant where you can come and enjoy high-quality gastronomic delights. Our natural and organic ingredients all come from our estate’s garden.