Explore Ikaria

People who visit the beloved mountainous island of Ikaria are enthralled by the great variety of landscapes, steep mountain ridges, sandy beaches and ancient, dense forests. The Atheras mountain ridge that traverses the length of the island, the small pools and waterfalls that have been formed by rivers, and lush vegetation form an idyllic setting that does not tend to come to mind when thinking of an island in the Aegean Sea. This is the perfect framework for the holiday of your dreams.

The Raches region is a paradise for nature lovers. The picturesque villages at an altitude of around 500 metres, the largest and most famous of which is Christos, are expressive because of their architecture, the peculiarity of their inhabitants and the enchanting nature of the landscape.


Raxounia waterfalls in the gorge of Chalaris

There are countless traditional stone houses in the Raches villages, some with an independent second floor (pyrgári), some incorporated into the slope of a mountain (chitó). The buildings at the Spanos Estate have all been built with a lot of patience and craftsmanship by local stonemasons, in line with the architectural tradition and the region’s distinct natural surroundings, which will enable you to experience the authentic Ikarian hospitality.

Discover Ikaria

Ikaria is the perfect destination for people who love landscapes of incomparable natural beauty, for lovers of agritourism or ecotourism and for those who want to get acquainted with a very special local culture. Along with our partners, we organise sorties/trips for individuals and groups, starting from our premises.

Enjoy a walk in nature

Mountains: hiking-mountaineering

At the Spanos Estate we organise hiking/mountaineering trips. Along with experienced mountain guides, you can draw up a hike according to your level of experience or you can just go and discover one of the island’s many waymarked trails by yourself. Popular choices include the fairylike Trail of the Elves, the breathtaking Chalaris Gorge and the stunning views of the Aegean Sea from the top of the Atheras mountain range which traverses the entire island.


Get a taste of Ikaria hiking experience


In cooperation with Bouldering Ikaria you can enjoy the thrilling experience of climbing in safe conditions and on natural tracks, in a wild and rocky setting that will take your breath away.

Sea fun

On Mesakti, the most popular organised beach of Northern Ikaria, you can of course enjoy the sea, have a drink at a beach bar and stay fit playing beach volley on one of the courts. On this beach, you will find the facilities of the Ikaria Surf School, where you can enjoy the waves of the Ikarian Sea. There are also yoga and martial arts classes.

Ikaria Diving

On Ikaria, everyone who seeks to experience the thrill of the dive can easily enjoy the magic of the depths of the Aegean Sea with or without scuba equipment.


Do you prefer a popular beach or is it the peace and quiet of a remote cove where time stood still that you are after? For many months a year on the island of ikaria, you can enjoy the Sun, sand and divine water. Pay attention to the weather forecasts and bulletins of the Civil Protection, especially when you are thinking of going to a remote beach.


Seychelles, the dazzling and hard-to-reach beach on south Ikaria